Monday, August 19, 2013


We want revival. As Christians, what we seek so desperately for is revival in the Church; some even travel across the nation, following "movements of the Spirit" to various churches, in an effort to stay revitalized.
We go about this is the wrong way
Firstly, I feel compelled to note the definition of "revival." 
  1. An improvement in the condition or strength of something: "an economic revival".
  2. An instance of something becoming popular, active, or important again.
There we have the two primary definitions, whereas another is as follows:
  1. A period of renewed religious interest.
  2. An often highly emotional evangelistic meeting or series of meetings
The Spirit does move, and It tends to rest over certain geographical locations for whatever reason (not for me to know). So, understandably, Christians tend to flock to these areas/churches/congregations.
But again I say we go about this the wrong way.
The Spirit moves where people are active.
Revival is another word for resurrection. We already have the resurrection because of Christ. If we're complacent in our faith, following revival around the nation will do little but exhaust us further.
We have to find the vigor within ourselves. That's not God's fault; that's something we have done. He starts fires in the soul, we put them out. If He starts a fire within us, it's our job to make it spread, not to quench it.
Revival rests in the hearts of each and every Christian, not in a church 2,000 miles away.

Revival is already inside of you; you already have the resurrection. Once you realize that, you will have a personal revival. Stoke it, and it will grow and consume. Let it, and it will spread to others around you.
Our God is an all-consuming fire. All-consuming. Not just patches of brush here and there, but forests, land, even waters. All-consuming. Allow Him to move in you, and He will move those around you. Revival is just as strong inside a sole individual as it is in an entire congregation.
Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you. You don't have to follow Spiritual movements around the nation or even the world, just focus on your own walk, drawing closer to Him. He'll meet you, and He'll revive you.

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