Friday, May 10, 2013

Thoughts On Idolatry

It's impossible to put something above your god.

Firstly, we have this idea that a "god" is a deity. A "god" is an idol. An "idol" can be anything we love too much. It can be entertainment. It can be fashion. It can be vanity in any form. It can be a material thing. It can be a relationship. It can be your family.
It should be God.
What you focus on the most, what you treasure most, what you put first in your life; that is your god. That is your idol. That's where God should be in your life.

The reason it's impossible to put something above your god is because the moment you do, it becomes your god. You are never without one; you always have one. Or several. It's anything that comes first. It's idolatry.

And God should be the only god in your life. He should be the only thing we worship. He shouldn't have competition. He should be solely above everything else, undisputed and unquestionably first.

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