Saturday, January 26, 2013

If It's God's Will . . .

"If it is God's will, it will happen . . ."
Perhaps the most cliché, tiresome, and downright annoying eight words for someone to hear after things don't go according to their plan/hopes. I get it, God has a plan, He has a will, and it will come to fruition. Not only that, it's greater than anything we can imagine, right?
No offense, but stop right there. I've been told this more times than i can count lately, and it's time for rebuttal.

Firstly, why did Jesus say that, when we pray, we should pray like the example He set with The Lord's Prayer, one of the foremost pleas in that prayer being "Thy will be done in Earth as it is in Heaven"?
He wouldn't have instructed us to pray for God's will if it were to come to pass anyways.

God has a plan. He has a will. People do, too, and rarely do the two parties' ideas coincide.
People are wrenches to God's plan. Wrenches are tools used to tighten, fasten, and secure.

Do you think it was God's will that, statistically, there were over 550 instances of rape or sexual assault committed yesterday alone? The obvious answer is no. God is love, and love does not delight in wrongdoing.
But if it's God's will, it will happen.
So was it or was it not God's will that these women (and a very small number of men) be able to fight off their attacker(s)? Wouldn't it be His will that they be able to escape? Or how about this; wouldn't it be His will that the assailants do good instead of wrong? In that case, it would be His will that they be decent people that don't commit such atrocities. But that didn't happen, did it?
God has a plan and a will . . . But again, people do, too.

Let's go a little farther; in the late-30's through the mid-40's, the Nazi regime tortured and killed 6,000,000 Jews. Many of them remained faithful to God and trusted Him to rescue them. Every day, they trusted Him as they went about tortuous labor, got beaten, spit on, burned, starved, and saw their friends and family die from neglect or abuse. Some remained faithful even as they stepped into a gas chamber or were tortured beyond the point of physical limitation . . . And Hitler even proclaimed Christianity . . .
Wouldn't it be God's will that someone as influential as Hitler would have ideals that would save people instead of have them slaughtered? Wouldn't it be His will that the Jews would've escaped? Or do you believe He had no plans for any of those 6,000,000 after 1945?

I once talked to a young girl who was beaten by her father and her brother every single day. At one point, she was locked in her room, without water and fearing broke bones, for nearing forty hours before she managed to get the law involved.
Wasn't it God's will that her own family be nice to her and love her and cherish her? Wasn't it specifically God's will that she honor her father? Wasn't too honoring of her to call the law on him . . .

Got my point now? I don't want to hear "If it's God's will, it will happen" anymore.
People are wrenches, and can be tools in God's plan. To have a plan, it's often said "the gears are turning." When something is obstructive, it's said to be a "wrench in the gears."
People are wrenches.
They either secure God's plan (gears), or they're an obstruction (a wrench in the gears).

All this being said, i'm not trying to sound glum, hopeless or abandoned. I know that will never be the case. As long as i submit myself to what i feel is God's will and trust Him to have His way in my life, be it for what i want or not, my heart does not condemn me.

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